Osteopathy for Babies

mother_babyDuring the birth process babies are normally subjected to quite a bit of natural mechanical stress, as they are propelled along the birth canal with lots of twists and turns along the way.  The mother’s uterine contractions and the natural resistance of the birth canal facilitate the baby’s progress during labour.

Babies are designed to respond positively to mechanical stress during the birth process – the bones in the neonate skull are soft and overlap each other to enable birth.  The odd shaped head that often results from the birth process usually lessens from the normal process of suckling, crying and yawning.  Sometimes this “unmoulding” process is incomplete.  This often results in some retained, uncomfortable stresses and strains – usually in the head, which often leads to an unhappy or fussy baby.

Even in a normal, textbook pregnancy or delivery, Cranial Osteopathy may be beneficial in preventing Infantfuture problems.  Preferred positioning in-utero may also be evident after birth, for example in preferred lying or feeding position – leading to a fussy baby.  Cranial Osteopathy is a very gentle form of treatment.  It is non-invasive and ideal for babies and children.

Please enquire about our “Mother and Baby” treatment options when booking your appointment.

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