Osteopathy for Adults


ost-treating-neck-of-female-patientHersham Osteopathy clinic regularly treats adults of all ages and from all walks of life and professions.  Osteopaths treat a variety of conditions, not limited to back and neck pain.

Osteopaths treat people not conditions. There are many different reasons why we feel pain, and if Osteopathic treatment and prevention is to be effective, it is important to have a good understanding of the cause, so that a patient-specific treatment plan can be developed. Sometimes the pain can be attributed to a specific cause or event, often the pain appears for no reason and can often be traced back to an injury that occured some time ago.  We believe that Osteopathic treatment should aim to release the accumulated tensions and strains that block the body’s path to wellness, allowing good health to flourish once again.

Our aim is simply to get your body moving and functioning as well as it can

We treat patients with a variety of health conditions, musculo-skeletal problems and sports injuries to the more common back and neck pain.  In our experience, there is always something an Osteopath can do to make you more comfortable.   Structural Osteopathic treatment is gentle and harmonic, including joint articulations, soft tissue massage and joint manipulations where necessary.  Cranial Osteopathic techniques are often used in conjunction with structural Osteopathic techniques to help the body unwind and resolve poor postural and movement patterns.  The Osteopath will always discuss your treatment plan with you.  Gentle Osteopathic techniques are quite safe for all age groups.

Preventative Osteopathic treatment  – when to consult an Osteopath

femal-ost-head-421Prevention is better than cure, it can be easier to treat underlying stresses and strains when there are no symptoms.  Likewise, back or neck pain can respond well to early treatment.  Early Osteopathic preventative treatment can help minimise the potential for structural damage and arthritis later on.

Osteopathic care as we get older…

The human body is like a car and needs regular servicing as it gets older.  Osteopaths treat the whole person and aim to release stresses and strain patterns that have accumulated over the years – aiming to gently encourage better mobility, and improved health.


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