No matter what’s going on with your health, an osteopath can probably help you to be a little more comfortable

Hersham Osteopathy provides professional osteopathic care by registered Osteopaths to all the family.  Hersham Osteopathy covers the Hersham, Walton-on-Thames KT12, Weybridge KT13, Esher KT10 and Thames Ditton KT7 areas. 

Osteopaths use their hands to help the body to realign itself

At Hersham Osteopathy we provide quality  cranial osteopathy and structural osteopathy care for the whole family – pregnant mums, newborn babies, children, teenagers, and adults of all ages. 

It’s about helping your body to be comfortable and ensuring every part is free to move

Osteopath’s believe that the structure and function of the body affect each other. We use our clinical knowledge together with our highly skilled sense of touch to diagnose and treat patients. The Title “Osteopath” is protected by law. Osteopaths earn the privilege to use the title through completing a 4 year full time medical-based degree with extensive training in anatomy, physiology, neurology, embryology, clinical diagnosis and treatment modalities.

Osteopaths are primary healthcare practitioners with a statutory regulating body – the General Osteopathic Council (GOSC). All practising Osteopaths using the title “Osteopath” must be registered with the GOSC.

For Appointments CALL 07768584274 or email glongridgeosteopath@yahoo.com


At Hersham Osteopathy we take the health of our patients and staff seriously. If you find that you are at all unwell on the day of your appointment, please stay home and phone or text us on 07768584274 for advice